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About Us

About Triola Stats

Triola Stats creates the most effective tools for statistics education, with an unmatched commitment to real-world applications, critical thinking, relevance and the use of technology. 


We champion understanding and interpretation instead of blind manipulation of formulas.


The Triola Statistics Series textbooks have sold over 2 millions copies worldwide and have been #1 in the market for over 25 years!

Marty Triola

Mario F. Triola is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Dutchess Community College, where he has taught statistics for over 30 years. Marty is the author of the top selling Triola Statistics Series, which has been used by over 5 million students worldwide, and he has been #1 for 25 years. His Elementary Statistics textbook has been the leading introductory statistics textbook since 1995. In addition, Marty designed the original Statdisk statistical software and he has written several manuals and workbooks for technology supporting statistics education. He has been a speaker at many conferences and colleges. Marty’s consulting work includes the design of casino slot machines and fishing rods, and he has worked with attorneys in determining probabilities in paternity lawsuits, analyzing data in medical malpractice lawsuits, identifying salary inequities based on gender, and analyzing disputed election results. He has also used statistical methods in analyzing medical school surveys, and analyzing survey results for the New York City Transit Authority. Marty has testified as an expert witness in New York State Supreme Court. The Text and Academic Authors Association has awarded Marty a “Texty” for Excellence for his work on Elementary Statistics.

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